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9,000-year-old flutes found in China


Three 9,000-year-old flutes have been found in a tomb at the Jiahu archaeological site in central China.

Three flutes made from bird bones found in an tomb in central China are evidence remote ancestors played music long before they could write, archaeologists say.

Made of bones of red-crowned cranes, the flutes were excavated at an ancient tomb in Henan province, China’s state run Xinhua news agency reported.

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Story: UPI | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One thought on “9,000-year-old flutes found in China

  1. “The early history of China is obscured by the lack of written documents from this period, coupled with the existence of later accounts that attempted to describe events that had occurred several centuries previously. In a sense, the problem stems from centuries of introspection on the part of the Chinese people, which has blurred the distinction between fact and fiction in regards to this early history.” —
    I believe that this finding in this day and age can and will help to clear up the muddled history of China’s Neolithic period.

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