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Mummy’s collar found in Egyptian tomb


A colourful collar intended for wear after death has been found in an Egyptian tomb in Thebes.

People in ancient Egypt wore collars called “wesekhs” made of beads when they were alive. This painted collar is made of a different type of material called cartonnage (a plastered material) and was meant to be worn by a mummy after death. A clay seal found near the collar suggests that it was worn by the mummy of a wealthy undertaker.

Dating back around 2,300 years ago and found in modern-day Luxor, the collar is painted in a vivid array of colors, designs and images that show elements of ancient Egyptian religion. The god Horus is signified by two falcons wearing red sun-disk crowns on the top corners, while at top center is a human-headed bird (called a “Ba” bird) that represents, in essence, the immortal soul of the deceased mummy.

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Story: Owen Jarus, LiveScience | Photo: Susan Redfor

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