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Parthian-era temple found in Iran


A Parthian-era (247 B.C – 224 A.D.) temple built out of large stones laid without mortar has been found in southwestern Iran.

The Iranian-Italian team dug six trenches at the site located near the village of Shami, Mehrkian said.

“A structure entirely built from rectangular bricks was uncovered in the third trench… A member of the team says that it was an altar or a small platform for worship,” he added.

The first trench was dug in a spot that had first been excavated by Polish-born British archaeologist A. Stein about 77 years ago during his project “Old Routes of Western Iran”. The life-size bronze figure of a Parthian prince, which is on display at the National Museum of Iran, is surmised to have been discovered at this site.

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Story: Tehran Times | Photo: CHN/Hassan Zohuri

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