Early crusader grave found in Finland

Published on November 22nd, 2013 | by Admin



A well-preserved Crusader-era burial has been discovered by a metal detectorist scanning a field in Finland.

Researchers found a grave dating back to the Crusade-era 12th century. The cadaver had been extremely well preserved allowing researchers to use new techniques to harvest information that would not have been previously possible.

On top of all this, the find was a rare two-sword grave, in other words this traveller had two swords to accompany him on his journey into the afterlife. As a bonus puzzler, the swords originated from different historical periods.

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Story: YLE | Photo: Simo Vanhatalo, Museovirasto

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One Response to Early crusader grave found in Finland

  1. This is a good find for scientists. The body is most likely a nobleman based on how Vikings treated their dead in the 12th century.

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