Anglo-Saxon sarcophagus opened after 1,000 years

Published on November 25th, 2013 | by Admin



An intact Anglo-Saxon sarcophagus has been opened, revealing the remains of a wrapped body wearing leather boots.

“The first step was to take a 3D scan of the coffin itself,” says Mary Powell, the programme manager for the Heritage Lottery Fund-backed Lincoln Castle Revealed project, which will eventually lead to a major public exhibition.

“Then we carefully opened it up to see what was inside. The body appeared to be wearing leather boots or shoes, which was usual for this period. This would suggest that it was someone of importance.

“Finding a sarcophagus from this period that’s still undisturbed is extremely rare, so this discovery is of national significance.

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Story: Culture24 | Photo: Lincolnshire County Council

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One Response to Anglo-Saxon sarcophagus opened after 1,000 years

  1. Pat Micko says:

    Interesting stuff. I wonder if they’ll ever open the 3d scans to the public. Be fun to poke around in Maya or Blender and see the details.

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