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Remains of ancient city found beneath Biblical-era ruins


The remains of a previously unknown Canaanite city have been found beneath the remains of Tel Gezer in Israel.

The site has been excavated for a century, and most of the excavations so far date to the the 10th through eighth centuries B.C. Gezer also holds some of the largest underground water tunnels of antiquity, which were likely used to keep the water supply safe during sieges.

But earlier this summer, Ortiz and his colleague Samuel Wolff of the Israel Antiquities Authority noticed traces of an even more ancient city from centuries before King Solomon’s time. Among the layers was a section that dated to about the 14th century B.C., containing a scarab, or beetle, amulet from King Amenhotep III, the grandfather of King Tut. They also found shards of Philistine pottery.

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Story: Tia Ghose, LiveScience | Photo: Samuel Wolff, Tel Gezer Excavations

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