Were humans killing ground sloths in South America 30,000 years ago?

Published on November 28th, 2013 | by Admin



New evidence suggests that humans were killing giant ground sloths 30,000 years ago in South American, 15 thousand years before most scientists agree humans arrived in the area.

“South America played an exceptionally important role in the peopling of the Americas, and I’m pretty sure we have some significant surprises waiting for us,” Bonnie Pitblado, an archaeologist at the University of Oklahoma who was not associated with the study, said in an email.

“Maybe people killing sloths at [the Arroyo del Vizcaíno site] 30,000 years ago is one of them, maybe it’s not—but it certainly isn’t going to hurt to have it on our collective radar screen as we continue to contemplate the peopling of the New World.”

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Story: Helen Thompson, National Geographic | Photo: Martin Batalles, National Geographic

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