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Chinese farmers domesticated cats

New evidence found at a farming village in China’s Shaanxi province suggest that ancient farmers in the area domesticated cats. "Results of this study show that the village of Quanhucun was a source of food for the cats 5,300 years ago, and the relationship between humans and cats was commensal, or

17th century water system found at 12th century monastery

A water system dating back to the 17th century has been found at the Swiety Krzyz monastery in Poland. An extensive water collection, the oldest parts of which date back to the 17th century, uncovered archaeologists in the close of the monastery on the Holy Cross Mountain. According to scientists, the

Home of King Charles I’s surgeon found in Stratford

Archaeologists working in Stratford believe they have found the foundations of the 17th century home of William Clowes, King Charles I’s surgeon. William Clowes, who lived from 1582 until 1648 had been surgeon to Charles I who was beheaded on January 30, 1649 following the Royalist defeat in the English Civil

15th century Chimú tomb found in Peru

A Chimú tomb from the 15th century has been found at the Samanco archaeological complex in Peru. Archaeologists working at the site of an ancient town in the coastal desert of northern Peru made a surprising discovery in late August—a multichamber tomb from the much later Chimú culture that held the

1,200-year-old dragon kiln found in China

Archaeologists working in China have unearthed a long dragon kiln which dates back 1,200 years. The Tang Dynasty (618-907) kiln is 78.8 meters long and is the longest ever found from that period, according to Xu Changqing, head of Jiangxi cultural relics and archaeological institute. The kiln, in the ruins of Nanyao