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New Zealand shipwreck pre-dates Captain Cook


Timbers found at a shipwreck in Kaipara Harbor have been dated back to 1705, over 50 years earlier than Captain Cook’s arrival.

The mystery ship, which is 25m to 27m long and 6.5m to 7.5m wide, was discovered in five metres of water in 1982 by mussel fisherman Leon Searle. He contacted local man Noel Hilliam, who was part of a crew who dived down in 1983 and salvaged two pieces of wood – a teak plank and a smaller piece identified as the tropical hardwood Lagerstroemia.

The wood was kept by Hilliam and the Dargaville Museum and has recently been radiocarbon-dated and scrutinised by tree-ring experts.

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Story: ONE News | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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