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Aztec dog burials found in Mexico City

The remains of 12 dogs buried by the Aztecs between 1350-1520 A.D. have been found beneath an apartment building in Mexico City. Aztecs believed dogs could guide human souls into a new life after death on earth, and could guard pyramids and other monuments when buried under them. The dogs were buried

Blue gemstone is oldest known piece of earth

A 4.4-billion-year-old gem found on an Australian sheep ranch is the oldest known piece of Earth yet found. Scientists using two different age-determining techniques have shown that a tiny zircon crystal found on a sheep ranch in Western Australia is the oldest known piece of our planet, dating to 4.4 billion

Wooden sarcophagus unearthed in Egypt

A wooden sarcophagus dating back 3,600 years has been found in Luxor, Egypt. The sarcophagus is important for the detailed depictions of bird feather shapes and sizes painted on its lid, motifs that have earned it the title of Feathers Sarcophagi, according to Egypt's antiquities minister Mohamed Ibrahim. The 2 metre long,