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Signet Rings Make the Mark

Since times prehistoric, signet rings have been used to showcase possession, power, and status in society. The very first seal was an "x" sign followed by hieroglyphs and engravings used in the Mesopotamian region. "Signet" comes from the Roman "sigillum" which means sign, token, battle mark or symbol. The Greeks

Fresco stolen from House of Neptune in Pompeii

A portion of a small fresco, depicting Artemis and Apollo has been chipped away and stolen from the House of Neptune in Pompeii. Citing an employee at the world's largest open-air museum, newspapers Il Mattino and Il Messaggero said the fresco portion, measuring roughly 20x20 cm, has been missing from the

Erosion threatens Alaskan sites

Coastal erosion in Alaska has damaged archaeological sites in the Western Arctic National Parklands. "These sites are important because they tell the story of people who lived and adapted from up to 5,500 years ago to the present and continue to add to the record," Holt said from Kotzebue last week. Now