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Could the pharaohs read hieroglyphics?

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New research suggests that Egyptian royal children were educated and could probably read and write.

“Relatively late sources suggest that even one of the first rulers of Egypt – Aha – mastered the writing skill. He was believed to be an author of a few medical treaties, although the reliability of this report is, of course, debatable” – added Taterka.

According to the reasearcher, the oldest source directly referring to pharaonic literacy comes from the end of the Fifth Dynasty, the end of the 3d millennium BC. Royal dignitary Inti an inscription carved inside his tomb at Saqqara near the oldest pyramid in the world, which mentions receiving a letter personally written by Pharaoh Isesi. The researcher found numerous allusions to skills in writing by the rulers of the land of the Nile in the Texts of the Pyramids, the oldest religious inscriptions carved inside the 10 pyramids.

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Story: Science & Scholarship in Poland | Photo: S. Zdzieb?owski

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