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Luxurious bath complex found at Roman fort

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A bath complex, unusual for its luxury, has been found at the Roman fort of Asparos in Georgia.

“In general, thermal baths built for the military were not luxurious. That is why we were surprised by the discovery of mosaics ornamenting the floor. We also unveiled a large part of cool water pool, so-called frigidarium” – described Dr. Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski.

Another surprise for archaeologists was also the age of the baths. Researchers expected to discover structures from II-III century AD. Meanwhile, the baths almost certainly come from the second half of the first century AD. They are evidence of early presence of the Romans in the area. The structure was probably built during the reign of Emperor Vespasian.

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Story: PAP | Photo: R.Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski

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