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Gold artifacts found in Kazakhstan burial mound


Three golden and bronze artifacts have been found in the Kok Kainar burial mound in Kazakhstan.

Archaeological research was conducted by an expedition from the museum of history of Almaty in the burial mound of Kok Kainar. Three historical artefacts were found. One of them is a golden figurine of a feline predator.

“It is made of two pressed embossed plates connected into a single sculptural figurine. It can be refereed to as a “playing kitten” for its pose. Dated back to the 4th century BC, the figure probably represented an element of a magical composition of a headwear. The artifact was found in the mound number 2 of Kok Kainar burial,” the Department said.

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Story: Tengri News | Photo: Almaty Department of Culture

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  1. As long as the Museum of History receives the new treasures, scholars will be able to study the artefacts and citizens will be able to enjoy their heritage. My fear is the lack of reliable record keeping, _before_ the objects get to the Museum.

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