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Remains of US Marines found on Pacific atoll

The remains of 36 marines who died during WWII have been found on the Pacific atoll of Tarawa.

Remote sensing devices, ground penetrating radar and even a cadaver dog were also used to find the missing marines, he said.

“Each one of those individuals had an expectation that if they were to die in the line of duty, defending their country, that they would be brought home according to the wishes of their family. There was a quote that was put on a sign outside of one of the cemeteries on Tarawa that said ‘rest warriors rest, against the day journeying forth, the tender hands will lift thee out to home soil waiting’ and that was a promise made 70 years ago that we felt should be kept, and we endeavour to do that.”

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Story: Daniela Maoate-Cox, Radio New Zealand | Photo: US National Archives

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