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145-year-old wheelhouse unearthed in Canada


A 19th-century wheelhouse has been unearthed during construction outside of Ottawa, Canada.

The railway turntable, also known as a wheelhouse, was operated by the Ottawa St. Lawrence Railways. It was discovered two weeks ago on the site where Trinity Developments is planning to build several mixed-use condo towers.

In its day, trains entered the limestone turntable from the east and were shunted manually along a wooden pivot line in the centre — or, they entered one of three spur lines that made their way into a maintenance house.

Most of the turntable’s wall and the three spur lines were uncovered more or less intact, although a fire that happened around 1883 has left the stone a burnt orange colour.

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Story: Laurie Fagan, CBC News | Photo: Laurie Fagan, CBC News

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