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Ancient imperial sacrificial site excavated in China

A sacrificial site used by emperors during the Qin and Wstern Han dynastics (221 B.C. – 24 A.D.) has been excavatd in Fengxiang, China.

The ancient sacrificial site, named Yongshan Blood Pool, is located in Fengxiang, about 15 kilometers southeast of the Yongcheng ruins, which is believed to have been the capital of the state of Qin (770-221 BC).

“The excavation focused on a rammed earth platform and sacrificial pits, two site ruins with different characters, and it is the first time we have found such imperial sacrificial sites, which are identical with ancient records,” Tian said.

At the sites, archaeologists found 2,109 relics, mainly including jade articles, and bronze chariots and horses, which were often used for sacrificial offerings in ancient times.

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Story: China Daily | Photo: China Daily

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