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40-ton capstone found in India

A 40 capstone to an ancient megalithic burial site has been found near the village of Neremetta, India.

“We can safely say that this is the largest capstone found in South India and one of the largest in the country. We can’t say it’s the world’s largest as there could be much larger ones, we don’t know,” D Ramulu Naik, assistant director of the Department told Deccan Chronicle.

According to P Nagaraju, assistant director, it took four hours for a huge crane summoned from Hyderabad to lift the massive 40 ton capstone.

Asked how pre-historic people could have placed such a massive capstone on the grave, Mr Naik explained, “First they might have dug the grave near a huge capstone, filled it up with gravel and moved the capstone either by rolling it over round stones or logs of wood. Or they could have dug up below a huge capstone and buried the dead and covered it.”

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Story: C.R. Gowri Shanker, Deccan Chronicle | Photo: Deccan Chronicle

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