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1,125-year-old inscription discovered in India

An inscription dating back 1,125 years has been found in the Arunachaleswarar Temple.

Confirming that the seven line inscription belonged to the Chola-Pallava transition period, a retired archaeologist of Tamil Nadu Archaeological department said that the name of Bana chieftain, Vayirameganar, one of the titles of the Pallava King, was mentioned in the inscription. It also indicated that Tiruvannamalai was then known as ‘Tiruvanna Naattu’ and it was one of the Sathurvethi mangalam.

“It stated that 20 gold coins were donated for maintaining a water body there. Five gold coins collected as interest per year should be used for welfare measure. Later part of the inscription is missing and it is not clear who donated them,” said the archaeologist.

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Story: The Times of India | Photo: The Times of India

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