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Medieval castle found in Poland

The remains of a 14th-century castle has been found on an island in the Czerna Wielka River in Poland.

The castle we have discovered has been known only from medieval documents, because the area where the ruins are located is on the military training ground used until the 1990s” – told PAP Dr. Pawe? Konczewski from the Department of Anthropology of Wroc?aw University of Environmental and Life Sciences. His research is the first comprehensive science project on the history of this place.

The castle was not a very impressive structure. On the basis of the discovered fragments, Konczewski assumes that it was a single tower erected on a rectangular plan. Its foundation was made of bog iron. The structure was partly made up of characteristic finger-marked bricks – their name comes from traces of craftsmen’s fingers who had removed excess clay while making bricks.

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Story: Science & Scholarship in Poland | Photo: P. Konczewski

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