Revolutionary War-era musket ball tests positive for human blood

Published on June 2nd, 2017 | by admin


A lead musket ball fired during a battle in June 1778 has been tested positive for human blood protein.

“It’s very exciting in the fact that we’ve identified a projectile that hit a human target, which tells us definitively that we found the battlefield,” said Sivilich, president of Battlefield Restoration and Archeological Volunteer Organization.

Made of lead, musket balls were crude precursors to modern bullets. At slightly more than a half-inch in diameter, they could be loaded into a musket or they could be stuffed into a tin canister and fired from a cannon.  Snipers hammered their shot into a cylindrical shape, which caused serious damage tearing through the human body, said Sivilich, a former Freehold resident living temporarily in Massachusetts.

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Story: Maryann Spoto, NJ | Photo: NJ

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