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Medieval brewery found in England

Highway construction in England has led to the discovery of a medieval brewery.

Among the more puzzling finds was a pair of rectangular structures (one shown in photo) with sloping sides of stepped-out limestones.

But what were they used for? One clue is in the smoke-blackened floor and flue (gap in the stones) on one side: the likely explanation is that hot air from a fire passed into this space, gently warming a wooden floor above, and that the buildings were malt kilns, where barley was turned slowly into malt, to be brewed into beer.

It’s a happy thought for the archaeologists hard at work on the bypass that, seven or eight hundred years ago, the monks would have been there, enjoying their flagons of ale after a long hard day tending their flocks of sheep, interrupted at regular intervals by prayer and worship.

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Story: Paul Whitelam, Lincolnshire Live | Photo: Lincolnshire Live

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