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Roman bathhouse found in southeast England

The remains of a private Roman bathhouse have been found in Chichester’s Priory Park in England.

James Kenny, an archaeologist, said: “It’s almost unique to see Roman remains survive in this type of setting and to be so complete.”

The dig has uncovered the remains of the hot room and its hypocaust, the pillared basement that heated it. It would originally have been part of a suite of bathrooms attached to an opulent private house on the edge of the city, away from the noise and smells of the central markets area.

The remains have survived because in the densely built medieval city that grew up within the Roman walls, the site remained open land, which was eventually given to the city as a first world war memorial by the Duke of Richmond. Roman fragments have been found throughout the city, and the remains of a public bath house have been preserved within the Novium museum.

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Story: Maev Kennedy, The Guardian | Photo: PA

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