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900-year-old jewelry found in Israel

A trove of 900-year-old jewelry has been found by students excavating in central Israel.

“In the courtyard is where the women would cook and bake in clay ovens and apparently women who worked in the cooking and baking wore jewelry — necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, hair pins. Through the hundreds of years of activity in the courtyard, some of that jewelry fell,” said Tendler.

For Tendler, the opportunity for the schoolchildren to work alongside his team at the dig lets them break through the museum glass and discover their own history and heritage.

“The students and volunteers from Modiin have exposed the inner courtyard of the Crusader fortress. Here, the fortress’s occupants cooked and baked for hundreds of years during the Middle Ages, some 900 years ago. Ancient clay ovens (tabuns), cooking pots, jars, serving dishes, and a table were discovered in the ancient kitchen, as well as numerous remains of food such as olive pits, pulses, charred grape pips, and animal bones,” said Tendler.

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Story: Times of Israel | Photo: AcrossBorders Project/Julia Budka

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