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Human remains found at Canaanite city

Human remains have been found at the Canaanite site of Gezer in Israel.

“The heavy destruction suggests that the Egyptian pharaoh encountered much resistance from the Gezerites,” remarks Professor Steven Ortiz of the Tandy Institute for Archaeology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, who is directing the excavations together with Dr. Sam Wolff from the Israel Antiquity Authority.

Earlier excavations had found the meter-thick destruction layer of ash and mud-brick debris at the city’s west. The building with two of the bodies, an adult and the child, was in Gezer’s south, one of the city’s weaker spots.

The remains were too badly damaged in the conflagration for the archaeologists to easily tell today whether they were Egyptian, Canaanite or somebody else entirely – just that they were an adult and a child.

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Story: Philippe Bohstrom, Haaretz | Photo: Tandy Institute for Archaeology

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