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Roman gold and silver coins discovered in Spain

Gold and silver Roman coins have been found at a copper mining site in Spain.

The discovery is of “incalculable value and a milestone in the archeology of this mining area,” according to the archeologists from Atalaya Mining, the company running the mine who found it. The discovery was reported by local newspaper Huelva Informacion.

The 40 or 50 coins found, which date from the 2nd century AD, according to a report in La Informacion, are said to be from the era of Nero and Trajan.

“It is a discovery of great beauty that comes to contribute data to our knowledge of RioTinto, that was the great mine of the Roman Empire,” Luis Iglesias, director of archeology at Atalaya Mining, told El Pais.

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Story: The Local | Photo: Gogo Lobato/AFP

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