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1,100-year-old coin found in Scotland

A 9th-century coin has been found near evidence of a longhouse at Burghead Fort in Scotland.

Dr Gordon Noble, senior lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, said: “The assumption has always been that there was nothing left at Burghead; that it was all trashed in the 19th century, but nobody’s really looked at the interior to see if there’s anything that survives inside the fort.

“But beneath the 19th century debris, we have started to find significant Pictish remains.”

The Alfred the Great coin was found within the floor layers of the building. Dating to the late ninth century, it is from the final era of the fort’s use and dates to a time when Viking raiders and settlers were leading to major changes within Pictish society.

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Story: Alison Campsie, The Scotsman | Photo: PA

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