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Gold coin and ivory found in Bulgaria

A gold coin dating back to the 7th century A.D. and an ivory icon have been unearthed in Bulgaria.

Archaeologists working at the Rusokastro fortress site near Bourgas on Bulgaria’s southern Black Sea coast have made a rare find, an ivory icon that they believe would have belonged to an emperor.

News of the find of the ivory icon comes a few days after the finding of a rare gold coin from the time of the Byzantine emperor Phocas, which the dig team believes proves that the Rusokastro – also known as the “Red Fortress” was working in the sixth century CE.

Commenting on the finding of the ivory icon, Milen Nikolov, head of the Regional History Museum in Bourgas, said that ivory was extremely valuable, “much more valuable than gold in the Middle Ages”.

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Story: Sofia Globe | Photo: Sofia Globe

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