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5,000-year-old toys found in southern Turkey

Bronze Age toys have been found in a tomb in southeastern Turkey. Archaeologists say they have discovered a 5,000-year-old toy chariot and rattle while digging in Turkey, giving a rare and fascinating glimpse into how children in the Bronze Age used to play. The items were discovered as part of ongoing

Stone adze uncovered in New Zealand

A Maori adze was been unearthed during construction work at the site of a golf course in New Zealand. An old M?ori tool unearthed on the ninth hole fairway at Waikanae's golf course has yet to be re-united with its traditional owners. Archaeologist Andy Dodd was on site when the adze, or

Prehistoric artifacts and burials discovered in Wiltshire

Construction work at a military base located near Stonehenge has uncovered prehistoric artifacts and burials. Six trenches were excavated and revealed archaeological features cut into the natural chalk geology, ranging in date from the prehistoric period through to the Second World War. Ruth Panes, the project manager for Wessex Archaeology, said: “Of

Inca site discovered by villagers in Peru

A previously unknown remote Inca site has been found by villagers living in Peru's southern rainforest. Joined by local authorities, villagers headed to La Convencion Provincial Municipality in order to report the find. According to locals, remains were found on September 9 while grazing animals near the Megantoni National Sanctuary. Presented as evidence,

Neolithic longhouse uncovered in Denmark

Traces of a 4,000-year-old longhouse has been found at a construction site in Denmark. “It proved to be a gigantic farmhouse from the Late Neolithic Period. Up until now, we’ve only seen four farmhouses of this size from this period,” said Jens Johannsen, an archaeologist from Roskilde Museum. “The house is nearly