Medieval Weapons foundry uncovered in Siberia

Published on July 18th, 2016 | by Admin

Researchers have discovered a medieval forge dating back to 1000 A.D. near Lake Baikal in Siberia. Archeologists walking to a beauty spot on Lake Baikal chanced across the ‘unique’ ancient furnaces after noticing slag and clay ... Read More


Viking tomb found in Denmark

Published on July 15th, 2016 | by Admin

A Viking tomb containing the remains of a man and woman which dates back to A.D. 950 has been found in Denmark. Soil conditions at the site have prevented the preservation of any other remains. “But ... Read More


Ancient boat found in Cambodia

Published on July 14th, 2016 | by Admin

A 42-foot-long boat dating back to the early 13-century A.D. has been found near the Angkor Wat temple complex. Apsara Authority spokesman Long Kosal said tests by a research institute in New Zealand confirmed the age ... Read More


Fortified village found in Illinois

Published on July 14th, 2016 | by Admin

A fortified village dating back to A.D. 1100 has been unearthed at the Lawrenz Gun Club site in Illinois. The Lawrenz Gun Club archaeological site was once home to between 300-600 people and covered more than ... Read More


Human remains and coins found at Pompeii shop

Published on July 13th, 2016 | by Admin

The remains of four individuals as well as several gold coins have been found during excavations at a shop on the outskirts of Pompeii. The skeletons are those of young people, including an adolescent girl, who ... Read More


Canaanites imported animals from Egypt

Published on July 13th, 2016 | by Admin

New evidence has been found that suggests that 5,000 year ago ancient Canaanites imported and sacrificed animals from Egypt. A donkey, as well as some sheep and goats whose remains were found in Early Bronze Age ... Read More


2,500-year-old rice paddies found in Japan

Published on July 12th, 2016 | by Admin

Archaeologists digging on the island of Honshu have found remnants of 2,500-year-old rice paddies. The findings showed that 5,500 square meters of rice paddies had been planted in the early Yayoi Pottery Culture period (300 B.C.-A.D. ... Read More