Medieval child’s brain found preserved

Published on March 15th, 2010 | by Sevaan Franks

The brain of a child who lived in the 13th century has been found preserved, complete with neurons and cerebral cells. An international team of researchers has identified intact neurons and cerebral cells in a mummified ... Read More


Headless man’s tomb found under Mayan torture mural

Published on March 15th, 2010 | by Sevaan Franks

The body of a headless man has been unearthed in an ancient Mayan chamber which is adourned with paintings depicting various acts of torture. Found under the Temple of Murals at the Maya site of Bonampak, ... Read More


300-year-old French fort found near Lake Champlain

Published on March 15th, 2010 | by Sevaan Franks

The remains of what may be a French fort dating back to the 1730s has been found on the Vermont shore of Lake Champlain. When engineers determined the old Lake Champlain Bridge was unsafe and needed ... Read More


Hydroelectric dam threatens pre-Columbian holy site

Published on March 15th, 2010 | by Sevaan Franks

A hydroelectric dam is threatening to flood El Porvenir, an unexplored pre-Columbian holy site. The government plans to flood the valley in which El Porvenir lies to create a hydroelectric dam, wiping out the stones and ... Read More


This Week in History News (Mar 8-12, 2010)

Published on March 13th, 2010 | by Sevaan Franks

The following are all the articles on A Blog About History for the week of March 8-12, 2010. Robin Hood stole from the rich to lend to the poor? Unexploded WWII bomb found in Southampton Ice Age ... Read More


Roman and Byzantine graveyards found near Damascus

Published on March 12th, 2010 | by Sevaan Franks

Five graveyards, which date back to the 3rd and 4th century AD, have been unearthed in old Darya City new Damascus. The discovered graveyards, mostly dating back to the roman and byzantine era, contain tens of ... Read More