Ancient bones discovered at planned London Crossrail site

Published on May 8th, 2009 | by Admin

Human remains have been discovered in an exploratory borehole close to the planned Farringdon Crossrail station in central London, halting construction. “We found a body — or at least some human bones — last week,” said [&hellip... Read More

Construction workers stumble upon prehistoric man’s cave

Published on May 8th, 2009 | by Admin

A group of construction workers in southwest China workers stumbled upon a prehistoric man’s cave underneath a Buddhist temple in Guizhou Province. The stone structure, containing hundreds of mammal fossils and stone implements, was between 10,000 [&hellip... Read More

Philippines cave contains ancient anthropomorphic pottery

Published on May 8th, 2009 | by Admin

Back in 1991, archaeologists came across a horde of human-shaped pottery dating back to the Metal Age (500 B.C. – 500 A.D.) in the Philippines. Now the Philippine Information Agency recounts the story of their discovery. [&hellip... Read More

Digitizing Ancient Texts Leads to New Discoveries

Published on May 8th, 2009 | by Admin

Computer scientists, conservationists and scholars are racing to digitize crumbling literary treasures, and in the process are coming across amazing finds. In the process, they’re uncovering unexpected troves of new finds, including never-before-seen versions of the [&hellip... Read More

Domestication led to horse colour explosion

Published on May 8th, 2009 | by Admin

Horses used to be rather dull until early domesticators of horses bred the equines for their colours, resulting in all the shades and patterns we have today. “Maybe at the beginning, ancient farmers selected for tameness, [&hellip... Read More

Previously unseen George Harrison lyrics go on show

Published on May 8th, 2009 | by Admin

Previously unseen lyrics written by George Harrison, guitarist for The Beatles, have gone on show for the first time at the British Library in London, England. The words were penned on a scrap of paper when [&hellip... Read More

The 6 Greatest Battlefield Mindf*cks

Published on May 8th, 2009 | by Admin has compiled a list of the 6 greatest battlefield mindf*cks (their title, not mine), showcasing some amazing ingenuity when it comes to military strategies. The most powerful weapon in any army’s arsenal isn’t a nuke–not [&hellip... Read More

Journal from the HMS Beagle sells for nearly £100,000

Published on May 8th, 2009 | by Admin

A journal from the HMS Beagle, the ship that scientist Charles Darwin voyaged on, has sold for close to £100,000 at auction. The ship was the vessel that Darwin used during some of his most important [&hellip... Read More

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