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Ancient rock art scanned in 3-D

Researchers working in the Italian Alps have employed the use of 3-D technology to scan and save ancient rock art. Members of the 3D Pitoti team captured thousands of images of people, sheep, deer, horses and dogs found on the Valamonica rocks. The digitised images gave the project a ‘casting directory’

The Civil War in 3-D

150 years ago, yesterday, the American Civil War began. The Library of Congress has released some coool streoscopic photographs and have combined them into 3-D anaglyphs to be viewed with those old school red and blue glasses. Click on the image above to check out some of them on MSNBC's

Virtual tour of Anne Frank’s house

To celebrate it's 50th anniversary, the Anne Frank Museum has created a virtual tour of the house as it was over 60 years ago. Click here to view the tour. The museum's 3-D tour is a great tool to keep the public interested in something that is rapidly fading