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A Blog About History is Back Online!

Sorry, everyone! Over the last week A Blog About History has been off and online due to problems with our web host. As a result, we've now finished migrating to a new server; a trying process which is now over! New stories will be posted on Monday. Have a great

Question of the Week: Should the US postpone the Presidential election?

Back in 1864 the US was under turmoil due to the Civil War. A Presidential election was set to take place that year and many people urged Abraham Lincoln to postpone the voting until things settled down.Lincoln said: "The election is a necessity. We cannot have a free government without


Hey everyone, I just passed the 25,000 follower mark on Twitter! Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible!If you aren't already, you can follow me at @historytweeter. Also, don't forget to like A Blog About History on Facebook!

On Vacation

Hey guys,I'm out of town on vacation. Updates will resume on April 10th. Thanks for your patience, and see you soon!Yours, Sevaan

Wow! 20,000 followers on Twitter!

Wow! I just noticed I passed the 20k mark for Twitter followers. Thanks to everyone who has followed! For those who don't know, my Twitter account is @historytweeter. I also have a Facebook group you can like too!Thanks again!

Back from vacation!

Hi guys,I'm back from vacationing in Europe (where I saw lots of great history) and will be right back to posting news. Thanks for your patience!Regards, Sevaan

DVD Giveaway: The Thomas Hardy Collection

A&E Home Entertainment has graciously provided a double-DVD set of The Thomas Hardy Collection, featuring Tess of the D'Urbervilles and The Mayor of Casterbridge. TESS OF THE D?URBERVILLES Her luminous beauty blazing against the bleak background of rural Victorian England, Tess Durbeyfield (Justine Waddell, ?Great Expectations?) is one of literature's best-loved and