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14th-century abbey wall unearthed in England

A medieval abbey wall has been unearthed in the West Midlands of England. The well-preserved section of wall, which is more than 650 years-old, was discovered by archaeologist Jamie Wilkins from Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service in March whilst construction work was being carried out. Abbot William de Chyryton ordered the wall

500-year-old ‘unflushed loo’ yields medieval artifacts

A 500-year-old ancient drain in Scotland is turning out to be a goldmine for archaeologists. An initial excavation revealed an arched corridor almost 6ft high, and uncovered pottery fragments and gaming pieces, a complete chamber pot, and other artefacts. Archaeology professor Steven Driscoll, part of the Glasgow team, said the site was

Monk’s 13th-century guesthouse unearthed in Ireland

A medieval defensive ditch and a 13th-century guesthouse have been found at the Cistercian Bective Abbey in Ireland. “We’re delighted. We’ve only sampled quite a small area so to find the guesthouse we were extremely lucky. We’ve been able to identify it as a guesthouse, because of the waste we’ve found