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Australian rock art could last 60,000 years

A study of Aboriginal engravings found on the Burrup Peninsula of Western Australia suggests that, taking into account the rate of erosion, the rock art could last for up to 60,000 years. Brad and his co-author Professor L. Keith Fifield came to that conclusion by measuring levels of Berylllium 10. This

The oldest rock art drawings in Australia

Charcoal drawings found in the Northern Territory of Australia have been dated back 28,000-years, making them the oldest in the country. University of Southern Queensland archeologist Bryce Barker said Monday that found the rock in June last year but only recently had it dated at New Zealand’s University of Waikato radiocarbon

Mining operation uncovers aboriginal remains in Australia

Three sets of ancient remains have been found in a remote region of Australia. This is where our most important law men were buried,'' said Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation chief executive Michael Woodley, a senior law man and respected tribal elder. He led healing ceremonies for his people near one burial cave

Australia’s Aboriginals undergo genome sequencing

A 90-year-old tuft of hair has been used to generate the first complete genome of an Australian Aboriginal, revealing some interesting findings. He, and perhaps all Aboriginal Australians, the genome indicates, descend from the first humans to venture far beyond Africa more than 60,000 years ago, and thousands of years before

Australian Aboriginies changed the weather

Controlled burns of grasslands by Australia's aboriginies may have inadvertently affected the climate. When the first European settlers arrived in Australia in the 17th century, they observed a strange farming practice among the natives. The aborigines routinely burned grasslands and vegetation in many parts of northern Australia during the cool months

Aussie mining companies circumvent preservation laws

Mining companies in Australia are damaging Aboriginal sites by dodging Queensland Aboriginal cultural heritage laws. The allegation follows claims a Queensland coal seam gas company has destroyed ancient Aboriginal stone arrangements at Kogan, near Dalby. Indigenous academic Dr Jillian Marsh told AAP laws aimed at protecting indigenous sacred sites are generally tokenistic

Bridge to be built over aboriginal archaeological site

The Tasmanian government has announced plans to build a bridge over an ancient aboriginal archaeological site. The Tasmanian Government has approved the proposal to build a bridge over the Jordan River levee site to continue the construction of the Brighton Bypass, sparking protest action by the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. Mr

Archaeologists document rock art sites in Australia by helicopter

Two archaeologists in Australia flew across trackless territory in northwest Kimberly to find spots where ancient rock art sites might lay. Their journey took them from Bigge Island, one of the Kimberley's largest offshore landmasses, east to inland pastoral stations, and north as far as the rugged Drysdale River National