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9,000-year-old axe sheds light on Irish burial practices

Analysis of an axe that dates back more than 9,000 years is shedding light on the ancient burial practices of the hunter-gatherers who lived in Ireland at the time. Archaeologists believe the highly-polished stone axe, known as an adze, was made especially for the funeral of a very important person, whose

800-year-old stone tool found underneath demolished post office

An 800-year-old stone adze has been found at the location of an ancient Maori village underneath a demolished post office in New Zealand. Because of the nature of the soil at the post office site, no evidence of wooden structures, including waka, remained as they would have rotted, Couch said. However, the

Neolithic stoneware found in Southern Tibet

Neolithic axes, adzes and chisels have been found in Southern Tibet. Experts of the Shaanxi Provincial Archeology Research Institute and the Tibet Autonomous Regional Cultural Relics Research Institute judged that the stonewares belonged to the Neolithic Age and that the river banks where the stoneware were found saw frequent human activities