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1,700-year-old African skeleton was Roman soldier

A skeleton of African descent found in Stratford-upon-Avon may have been a Roman soldier who chose to retire in the area. He added the bones revealed the man was heavily built and used to carrying heavy loads. He had suffered arthritis in one of his shoulders, his hips and lower back. Mr

Medieval African found buried in England

The 13th century remains of an African has been found buried in England. Forensics experts at the University of Dundee Scotland say that the bones most likely belonged to a man from modern-day Tunisia who spent about a decade living in England before he died. "I believe that this

First records found of Africans at Stirling Castle

Evidence has been found of Africans being present at Stirling Castle as early as the 1540s. John Harrison found references to morys - or moors - in the "Bread Book", a record of who received loaves from the royal kitchens in 1549. The book may be the first clear record of Africans

Slave graveyard with over 10,000 remains to be excavated

A slave graveyard on St. Helena, which contains the remains of some 10,000 young Africans, is to be excavated in preparation for the construction of a new airport. A team of British archaeologists uncovered the first graves last year after preparation had begun to build an access road to the site

Free black Africans may have sailed with Columbus

According to chemical studies of the skeletons, especially the teeth, of Columbus's crews, some members of the expedition may have been free black Africans who arrived in the New World 10 years before the slave trade began. For example, the ratio of strontium isotopes indicates whether the person grew up in