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Airport expansion in Iraq uncovers 1,700-year-old church

The remains of a 1,700-year-old monastery have been uncovered during an airport expansion project in Najaf, Iraq. A hundred meters (yards) or so from taxiing airliners, Iraqi archaeologist Ali al-Fatli is showing a visitor around the delicately carved remains of a church that may date back some 1,700 years to early

Unexploded WWII bomb shuts down Berlin airport

A 250kg aerial bomb was discovered at Berlin's Tegel airport, shutting it down until the bomb was defused. Police bomb disposal experts were called in late on Wednesday afternoon to defuse the 250 kilogramme aerial bomb that was discovered by labourers in a northern section of the airport, Berlin airports

Bronze Age artifacts found on island of Guernsey

Bronze Age artifacts have been found at the airport located on the island of Guernsey in the English Channel. With the planned development of Guernsey's runway surveying around the airport uncovered the remains of a bronze age settlement in 2008. Archaeological excavation began on the site in March 2009 and

8,000-year-old dwelling unearthed at Isle of Man airport

A prehistory dwelling has been unearthed during construction of a runway extension at Isle of Man Airport. Dating back an astonishing 8,000 years to the time when the first human settlers returned to the Isle of Man after the end of the Ice Age, it is probably the oldest dwelling ever