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19th century ships and ancient harbour found off Israeli coast

Archaeologists working at Akko, one of the major ancient ports of the eastern Mediterranean, have found a fleet of early-19th century ships and ancient harbor structures that date back to the 3rd-1st centuries B.C. During the brief time the shipwrecks were exposed, the Israel Antiquities Authority investigated one of them: a

Akko’s ancient harbour exposed in Israel

Archaeologists working in the ancient city of Akko have exposed the ancient port there which used to be the most important port in Israel during the Hellenistic period. The finds were discovered during the course of archaeological excavations being carried out as part of the seawall conservation project undertaken by the

Ancient bread stamp uncovered in Israel

An ancient ceramic stamp used to mark kosher bread has been found in Akko in Israel. From the Byzantine period, the stamp is called a "bread stamp," as it was used to identify baked goods; this one, in particular, probably belonged to a bakery supplying kosher bread to the Jews of