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Medieval Turkish bath found in Albania

Archaeologists working in Albania have uncovered a Turkish bath which dates back to the 14th century. The first, most important room is the open bath has the shape of semicircle. The room floor was supported by a dozen or so solid bricks with stone slabs on top. The hot air from

Albania to lease ancient monuments to businesses

The government of Albania is set to lease it's ancient monuments to private businesses due to a lack of funds needed to preserve them. Bace says detailed plans for the use of these monuments will determine which parts of them are suitable for commercial activities and which parts should not be

“Modern” ailment found in medieval bones

Medieval bones uncovered in Albania show traces of brucellosis, a "modern" disease associated with eating unpasteurized dairy. Primarily an animal disease, brucellosis is common in rural farming parts of the Mediterranean region and is typically transmitted to humans through eating raw sheep and goat cheeses that come from infected animals. The disease can cause

WWII freighter found off of Albania

Underwater archaeologists believe they have found the sunken wreckage of an Italian freighter sunk by British forces during WWII. The remnants — found just off Albania's coast last weekend — probably were part of the 8,000-ton Rosandra freighter, which was hit by a British submarine on June 14, 1943, the

Wreckage from British WWII-era warship found in Corfu Channel

Pieces of a British warship that was damaged by Albanian mines in 1946 have been found in the Corfu Channel. The wreckage was found 50 yards (meters) under water in the Corfu Channel between the Albanian mainland and the Greek island of Corfu. It is believed to be a section of

Looters attempt to break into 2,000-year-old graves in Albania

Albanin police are hunting for looters who tried to open a series of graves in the ancient Greek city of Apollonia in Albania. The raiders, who remained unidentified and are suspected of being part of regional ring that smuggles artifacts, aimed to plunder a group of 2000-year-old graves, local broadcaster Top-Channel

Albania’s campaign to retrieve stolen artifacts

Albanian archeologists are struggling to recover valuable stolen artifacts from the shady world of crooked antique dealers and auction houses. Just like the minister, Butrint National Park cofounder Auron Tare still heaves with emotion as he recalls the day in 1998, when, scavenging in a pile of old folders in the

Looted Albanian sculpture returns home

A marble sculpture stolen from Albania eighteen years ago has been returned. The bust of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, was snatched from Albania's Butrinti Archaeological museum and recovered by Italian police from a private home in 2004. Albanian Culture Minister Ardjan Turku said Thursday that the 30-centimeter (12-inch) bust is