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Albertans are 300 years older than thought

New radiocarbon dates obtained for an ancient hunting site in Alberta are pushing back the date the first Albertans arrived there to 13,300 years ago. That means the 13,300-year-old bones, along with stone choppers and knives used to butcher the animals, predate what was thought to be North America's first identifiable

Triceratops fossil uncovered in Alberta

The 65-million-year-old remains of a triceratops has been found in Alberta, Canada. The museum's curator of dinosaur palaeoecology François Therrien took a crew to the site to investigate. After 12 days, they uncovered a large "log jam" of bones of the herbivore, including vertebrae measuring 60 cm and ribs nearly two

Early fur trading post found in Edmonton

Construction work in Edmonton, Alberta, has unearthed the remains of the city's first settlement. What construction crews thought was just a trench is now being considered the discovery of the city’s first fur trading fort, under the city’s Rossdale Power Plant. Archeologists digging at the site discovered what is believed to be

Dinosaur bones found in sewer

A cache of dinosaur bones have been found during the construction of a sewer in Edmonton, Alberta. "Any find like this at a new location adds information to our growing data set," said Mr Neuman. "It expands our central knowledge of dinosaurs in Alberta." "One of the things that makes

World’s largest dinosaur graveyard found in Alberta

A dinosaur boneyard 1.43-square miles in size has been discovered in Alberta, Canada, making it the largest dinosaur graveyard in the world. Scientists in northern Alberta say they've uncovered the largest dinosaur graveyard in the world and unlocked the mystery of why so many fossils are found in the province.

Ancient campsite reveals 2,000-year-old soup recipe

Archaeologists working at an ancient campsite outside of Edmonton, Alberta, have found enough information to guess at the recipe the ancient campers used for their soup. The cracked rocks got discarded when they were too small. Spicer sent several away for testing. Traces of pronghorn, rabbit, whitefish and trout, wild onion

Brothers charged with excavating American WWII bomber without permit

A pair of brothers from Alberta, Canada, have been charged with excavating the remains of a B-26 Marauder, at the bottom of a lake in the Yukon Territory, without a permit. Now, the warbird's fate is up in the air, again, caught in a power struggle between the brothers who say