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Roman floor uncovered in Alexandria

A Roman floor has been unearthed in the Moharam Bek district of Alexandria in Egypt. Aymen Ashmawi, the head of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Section, explained that the floor mosaic is unique in Egypt but similar mosaics have been found in several areas in Rome, including the Baths of Trajan and Hadrian’s

Helenistic tomb found in Alexandria

A Helenistic tomb, dating back between 323-330 B.C., has been found in Alexandria, Egypt. During excavation work at a site in the El-Shatby neighbourhood of Alexandria, an Egyptian archaeological mission from the Ministry of Antiquities discovered a rock-hewn tomb that can be dated to the Hellenistic period (323-30 BC). Mahmoud Afifi, head

Greco-Roman artifacts found in Alexandria

A collection of artifacts dating to Hellenistic and Byzantine eras have been found in Alexandria, Egypt. Excavators from Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities have discovered a collection of Graeco-Roman artefacts during excavation work carried out in Alexandria’s Babour El-Maya area. Mahmoud Afifi, head of the Ancient Egyptian Department at the Ministry of Antiquities,

Replica of Lighthouse of Alexandria to be built in Egypt

A replica of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is set to be built near the original location on the island of Paros. The Lighthouse, also known as the Pharos, was badly damaged due to a series of earthquakes hit Alexandria and the Mediterranean

18th-century weapons recovered from Alexandria harbour

French weapons from the 18th century have been recovered from the waters in Alexandria's eastern port. The find includes a collection of guns, pistols and cannons that were once onboard a French boat named Le Patriot, part of Napoleon Bonaparte's fleet during the French expedition to Egypt in 1798, said Egypt's

Illegal excavation damages Egyptian buildings

Several cracks have appeared in six buildings in Alexandria, Egypt, due to an illegal excavation in the vicinity. Six buildings sustained damage early Thursday morning in Alexandria's Karmouz neighbourhood, possibly due to unauthorised excavations under an adjacent building. No casualties have so far been reported. Police have arrested one suspect, Ahmed Hassan

Foundations of 19th century slaughterhouse unearthed in Virginia

Archaeologists working at the construction site of a new school building have unearthed the brick foundations of a 19th century slaughterhouse in Alexandria, Virginia. “It’s really the only site where we’re going to find anything out about a 19th-century butchery,” said Fran Bromberg, acting city archaeologist. “It’s just really something that

City of Alexandria aligned with rising sun on Alexander the Great’s birthday

A new study suggests that the ancient city of Alexandria was aligned so that on Alexander the Great's birthday the sun would shine down the main road. Ancient Alexandria was planned around a main east-west thoroughfare called Canopic Road, said Giulio Magli, an archaeoastronomer at the Politecnico of Milan. A study