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Cache of Bronze Age artifacts found in Swiss Alps

A cache of Bronze Age artifacts has been found in the Swiss Alps. Among the total haul is a wooden box containing flour, fragments of bows, flint arrowheads, string made from animal fibre, a container made of cow horn and small pieces of leather. The equipment has been carbon dated to around

Biologists find evidence of Hannibal route

Researchers believe they have found evidence of a route Hannibal took through the Alps during the Second Punic War with Rome. For over two thousand years, historians, statesmen and academics have argued about the route Hannibal took across the Alps. Until now, no solid archaeological evidence has been forthcoming. However, this

Ancient rock art scanned in 3-D

Researchers working in the Italian Alps have employed the use of 3-D technology to scan and save ancient rock art. Members of the 3D Pitoti team captured thousands of images of people, sheep, deer, horses and dogs found on the Valamonica rocks. The digitised images gave the project a ‘casting directory’

Radiocarbon dating reveals Central Alps were mined 4,000 years ago

New radiocarbon dates have revealed that people were mining the Central Alps in Austria as early as the middle Bronze Age. Mining in the Alps dates back much further than previously thought - in the Austrian region of Montafon since the Bronze Age. Thanks to C14 dating, a group of researchers

Retreating glaciers reveal WWI relics

Retreating glaciers in the Italian Alps has revealed more than 200 rusted explosives from WWI. The explosives – probably stored in an ammunition dump carved into what was once a massive glacier – were discovered by mountain-rescue experts during a routine border-police patrol. They emerged from the 10,500-foot-high Ago di Nardis glacier

Ötzi the Iceman may have been buried

Ötzi, the 5,000-year-old iceman found in the Italian Alps may have been buried where he was found. In the new study, researchers produced a detailed map of where the corpse and artefacts were found. Based on guesses about how the artefacts had dispersed down slope over time, they inferred that

Identifying where Hannibal crossed the alps

Times Online has a fascinating article about how archaeologists are looking for evidence of where Hannibal crossed the alps. His army of more than 30,000 infantry, 5,000 cavalry, and 37 battle elephants from Morocco marched through the autumn from Spain, which he had taken. When they reached the Alps some

Prehistoric hut found in the Swiss Alps

A 3,000-year-old hut found in Switzerland near Austria is the oldest evidence of humans using summer pastures in the area. Carbon dating shows the hut at 2,264 metres in canton Graubünden was being used as early as 800 BC, hundreds of years before the Roman invasions, when pile dwellings dotted Switzerland's