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2,000-year-old pagan altar unearthed in Jerusalem

A 2,000-year-old incense altar has been uncovered at a hospital construction site in Israel. Israeli archaeologists say workers have uncovered an ancient pagan altar while clearing ground for construction of a hotly disputed hospital emergency room. They say the discovery proves an ancient cemetery at the site that has been

Zeus’ Altar of Ashes

Excavations at the Sanctuary of Zeus on top of Mount Lyakion in Greece have revealed the first documented mountaintop shrine from the ancient Greek world. Ritual ceremonies were conducted in a part of the open-air sanctuary called the ash altar of Zeus. It now consists of a mound of ash, stone

Mayan altar found during highway construction in Mexico

Highway construction in Mexico has unearthed a rare Early Classic period Mayan altar. “When excavating the Tanil-Xtepen stretch of 180 Highway, the structure was found and named Structure 13 SUB”, pointed out the archaeologist. These vestiges demonstrate there was a continue occupation from Late Pre Classic Period (250-300 AD) until Late