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Archaeologists use drone technology in the Amazon

Archaeologists looking for new geoglyphs and ancient agricultural fields are employing the use of drones equipped with Lidar technology. The Amazon River Basin is the largest rainforest in the world, covering 40 percent of the South American continent. For at least 13,000 years ancient civilizations inhabited parts of the Amazon forests

New model predicts pre-Columbian settlement locations in the Amazon

A researched from the Florida Institute of Technology has developed a new model that predicts the locations of pre-Columbian settlements in the Amazonian rainforest. Look around the Amazon rainforest today and it’s hard to imagine it filled with people. But in recent decades, archaeologists have started to find evidence that before

Mining plans threaten earliest human settlements in the Amazon

An iron ore mining operation is threatening the Amazonian caves of Carajàs, which contain some of the earliest human settlements in the Amazon.  Almost anywhere else, these caves would be preserved as an invaluable source of knowledge into prehistoric human history. But not in this remote corner of the Amazon, where

Amazon deforestation uncovers evidence of lost world

As trees are being cleared in the Amazon, strange geometric geoglyphs are being uncovered which could rewrite what we know about the world's largest tropical rainforest. “What impressed me the most about these geoglyphs was their geometric precision, and how they emerged from forest we had all been taught was untouched

The lost cities of the Amazon

Back in the 16th century Spanish explorers reported finding gleaming white cities in Amazonia, which are prompting investigations into locating the lost cities of the Amazon. NPR has posted a 5 minute audio segment featuring interviews with those who are searching. FORERO: There are detractors, of course, who say the new

90 pre-Columbian settlements found in Amazon jungle

Researchers are finding that the pre-Columbian societies that settled in the rainforests of the Amazon were much more advanced and larger than previously thought. "The most surprising thing is that many of these settlements are a long way from rivers, and are located in rainforest areas that extremely sparsely populated

20 million people may have once inhabited the Amazon rainforest

Archaeologists have found evidence that the Amazon rainforest was home to an advanced civilization with as many as 20 million individuals living amoungst the jungle. To the untrained eye, all evidence here in the heart of the Amazon signals virgin forest, untouched by man for time immemorial - from the

Lost Amazon complex found

Hundreds of geometric shapes once hidden by the jungle have been found, hinting at an ancient society that flourished in the Amazon. Now researchers estimate that nearly ten times as many such structures—of unknown purpose—may exist undetected under the Amazon's forest cover. At least one of the sites has been dated to