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Recovered bones may belong to Amelia Earhart

Bones recovered from the island of Nikumaroro in the Republic of Kiribati may belong to the pilot Amelia Earhart who disappeared in 1937. "Until we started investigating the skeleton, we found what history knew was that Amelia Earhart died in July 2nd, 1937, in a plane crash. But there is an

Aluminum debris linked to Amelia Earhart

A piece of aluminum debris found on a southwestern Pacific atoll has been identified has belonging to Amelia Earhart's plane. According to researchers at The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), which has long been investigating the last, fateful flight taken by Earhart 77 years ago, the aluminum sheet is

Wreckage of Amelia Earhart’s plane found in Pacific?

A sonar image of an object found at the bottom of the ocean off the coat of an uninhabited island in the southwestern Pacific may be the wreckage of Amelia Earhart's plane. According to TIGHAR researchers, the sonar image shows a strong return from a narrow object roughly 22 feet long

Amelia Earhart researchers spot possible plane debris

Researchers hunting for answers in the famous mystery of what happened to pilot Amelia Earhart believe they may have spotted debris that may have come from her plane. [Thx Chulian for the link!] "We see elements in the underwater photos that are consistent with pieces of landing gear," TIGHAR director Richard

More possible Amelia Earhart artifacts found on Pacific island

A small anti-freckle cosmetic jar has been found on an island in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati, adding to the circumstantial evidence that the legendary pilot crashed landed and lived there as a castaway. Found broken in five pieces, the ointment pot was collected on Nikumaroro Island by researchers of

Photo helps researchers close in on Amelia Earhart’s plane

This summer researcher Ric Gillespie is set to travel to the Phoenix Islands in Kiribati in search of of the wreckage of Amelia Earhart's plane. They believe there's compelling evidence Earhart may have landed in shallow waters near Nikumarro island, and an analysis of a photo taken in 1937 -- showing

Amelia Earhart DNA tests prove inconclusive

DNA tests performed on what are allegedly fragments of Amelia Earhart's finger bones have proved inconclusive. Cecil M. Lewis Jr. of the University of Oklahoma's Molecular Anthropology Laboratories reported "the question of whether the bone is human must remain unanswered" until new technologies may make a determination possible. The International Group for

DNA from Amelia Earhart’s saliva to help solve mystery?

DNA extracted from dried spit found on old envelopes belonging to Amelia Earhart could help researchers solve the mystery of what happened to the pilot. To get at the DNA-containing saliva, Yang, the geneticist, will first carefully steam the seals open. Yang is aiming to gather two kinds of DNA from the