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Legendary Medici warrior died of gangrene

Giovanni de' Medici, the legendary 16th century army commander, did not die from an improperly amputated leg, as was previously thought, but rather due to gangrene after being hit in the right leg by a cannonball. As the ball crashed the right leg above the knee, the condottiero was taken to

Evidence found of successful Stone Age amputation

Evidence has been found that shows a successful amputation was performed 6,900 years ago. The surgeon was dressed in a goat or sheep skin and used a sharpened stone to amputate the arm of his patient. The operating theatre was not exactly Harley Street — more probably a wooden shelter — but

Bone find shows early amputations

Bones found at a former hospital in Worcestershire, England show evidence of early amputations and other medical research. Simon Sworn, archaeologist and project officer, said many of the 19th Century bones had been deliberately cut and were "evidence of amputations in their infancy". The British Medical Research Association (BMA) was founded in