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300-year-old Jewish Ghetto unearthed in Amsterdam

Construction work in central Amsterdam has uncovered remains of a 17th century slum on Valkenburger Street. “People who lived here were so poor that they had no infrastructure,” said Jerzy Gawronski, a municipal archaeologist whom the construction crew called upon after unearthing a matrix of narrow pathways, not broader than three

Collection of 18th-century telescopes found in Amsterdam

Five 18th-century telescopes made of cow bone have been found in the Netherlands. At the time, called the Enlightenment, the telescopes would have been considered luxury items and were likely used to gaze at objects on land or sea, rather than to look at the stars. They were created during a

Bronze Age man inhabited water-logged north

Archaeologists have found 3,000-year-old remains near Amsterdam, reversing experts opinions that no one could have lived in the area during the Bronze Age because it was too water-logged. Around 1,000 BC, water-logged land was a major problem for human settlements in this region in the north of the Netherlands. However, even