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Angkor Wat is larger than previously believed

Airborne laser scanning carried out at Angkor Wat in Cambodia has revealed the complex is larger than previously believed. "This structure, which has dimensions of more than 1500m×600m, is the most striking discovery associated with Angkor Wat to date. Its function remains unknown and, as yet, it has no known equivalent

Enhanced photos reveal hidden paintings at Angkor Wat

Digitally enhanced photos taken at Angkor Wat are revealed more than 200 paintings which are now mostly invisible to naked eye. Angkor Wat may be covered in graffiti—but don’t worry, it’s invisible. Built in the early 12th century, Cambodia’s architecturally iconic temple is known for its intricate carvings, some of them

1,200-year-old ironworks found near Angkor Wat

Road construction near Angkor Wat in Cambodia has uncovered the remains of 5 ironworks that date back 1,200 years. While they watched, a bulldozer dug into the ground and lifted some odd-colored earth, which puzzled Mr. Chanthourn. “It was really dark earth, almost like coffee…and small stones as black as onyx,” he

Google Earth reveals Angkor Wat transportation network

Researchers using Google Earth have identified a series of lines that might be a transportation network into the Cambodian city of Angkor that might have carried the sandstone blocks used to build the famous temple of Angkor Wat. Field surveys revealed that the lines are a series of canals, connected by

Two huge Buddhist statues found at Angkor Wat

Two large Buddhist statues have been unearthed in Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple complex. Ly Vanna, an artifacts expert for the government’s Apsara Authority that oversees the site, said Thursday the two stone statues found at Ta Prohm temple were headless but the larger one if complete would stand about 10 feet

Asian archaeological sites at risk from increased tourism

A surge in tourism is putting ancient archaeological sites such as Angkor Wat and the Great Wall of China at serious risk of being damaged. The faded "No Climbing" signs are no match for the tourists jostling to capture that perfect shot of the sun setting over the temple of Angkor

Angkor temples threatened by surrounding hotels

Apparently the hotels surounding the ancient temples of Angkor are sucking up so much ground water that it is theatening the stability of the historical sites. The temples and towers of the 400-square-kilometre Angkor site sit on a base of sand, kept firm by a constant supply of groundwater

Drought responsible for destroying Angkor

An intense drought may have contributed to the demise of the ancient city of Angkor in Cambodia. Brendan M Buckley said bands on tree rings that he and his colleagues have examined show that Southeast Asia was hit by a severe drought from 1415 until 1439. That would coincide with the time